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Name: ieune
Title: Clouds on the Horizon.
Rating & Warnings: Gen & mild swearing.
Summary: Is life a series of chance occurrances, or is there a plan?
Note: prompt: subway diver pic
WC: 587
A/N: Ze leetle grey cells produced 4 scenarios for this, but this was the one I could prune back without sacrificing too much essential detail and still have it make sense.
It's also first time writing this character and so it feel 'thin' to me.

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I re-read the Brother Cadfael Chronicles in january, and heard about '100 drabbles for 100 fandoms'. I couldn't name 100 fandoms so its unlikely I'll attempt 100 drabbles.
This exercise is more derust my brain than anything. :-) Opinion/silence equally accepted. :-)

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Quilt is home! Quiltishomequiltsishomeand it's AWESOME!!!
I've phoned Dianne and thanked her. I had to wait half an hour after opening the parcel because I needed to calm down or she'd think I was a mad woman, well, I am but I don't think I should broadcast it to a complete stranger.

She's even trimmed it down and tacked the edges for me, which makes squaring up *so* much easier. I can't get on with anything because I keep going to stroke it and follow the pattern.

Alas, no picspam as I'm on my own (and probably a very good thing too! given my exciteable state!) and the quilt is a generous single bed size so I can't hold it up for picpam to occur. Later, though. Promise.
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For some months, I've had a simple pieced bed quilt folded up on the back of the spare sofa; the only place it would remain safe and relatively flat.I'd even pieced yardage to make a backing for it with the intention of sending it away to be longarm quilted since there is absolutely no way on this earth, or off it, that I am attempting to free motion quilt it. Hand quilting it is out; it took a year to quilt AVF and it's smaller than 'Dandelion Girl'.

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where I should not pick up rotary cutter, scissors, or even be allowed near a needle and thread, let alone a sewing machine. This is one of those days. Trust me.


1 Oct 2009 08:59 am
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I should change this nautical summer layout for something autumnal but I'm not in the mood to fiddle around with it today.

Yesterday, I walked and walked the coast. In the rain. Tapping. Today, my feet are not speaking to me and I have double plasters over the blisters on my heels (wrong socks. lol) but I feel lighter. This morning, I have pulled out projects I started and had to shelve back in summer, and I've had some new ideas on layout and colours and so forth that inspire me and make me want to dive back in and mess about in the creative stream.


28 Sep 2009 02:05 pm
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Biscaya: 24" wallhanging. Pieced and quilted by hand.

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You know how the New York Times sometimes does word play stuff, or so I'm told? They get folk whose minds work that way to add a letter to a word and give it a new meaning. I say up front that I'm no use at that kind of thing when put on the spot, but occasionally, just now-and-then, the brain splutters and I do it by stealth. I found these two 'slips' while editing something written in a hurry some time ago and it took me until now to come up with the meaning. Thought it might amuse.

Indeuced: encouraged to show one's hand.
Roamance: a love story gone Walkabout.

Or maybe it's only funny to me... *g*

My recent absence was because of 'teh sickies'. Friday, I had the worst headache of my life and I used to have migraines. I was scared it was Serious but it turned out it was 'only a virus' and 'there's a lot of it about'. I'll spare you further detail but other, explosive, body functions were involved in the eviction of said virus. "But I have a flag," I said weakly, prostrated on the bed, and lo, I was victorious and the virus went down to the vile depths from which it sprung, unwept, unhonoured and unsung.

And here I am. Making less sense than I usually do in here but that's what the railings are for; so y'all can safely view this little nut. :)
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Art by Kary Fisher.

Assa, un mio dé la poésie pouor lé preunmyi dé juilet.

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30 Jun 2009 10:50 am
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The last day of another month already--where do the days go? I have no idea, me. Weeks may may fly but mine haven't got wings, rather they're strapped to an Exocet missile. Foom! Gone!

testing, testing, does this text remain small?
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Did you miss me? ;)

Does someone fancy telling the weather that it is actually June and not octobre? I got up to thick, grey drizzle this morning, and it has been cold, grey and wet since wednesday. Yesterday was the solctice, démîn, valet! The garden is lovely and green but come on... I need some sun to ripen my strawberries!

Yesterday was Father's day and I intended to knock out some drabbles on that theme. The Muse had other ideas. She took my quill away and handed me needle and thread so I shall have quilty things completed soon, which will be cool. : )

I'm sure there was something else... *thinks*
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First the carrots. These carrots come with a Fluffeh Cyuteness Alert. ;)

I can haz carrot? kthnksnom )

And so to Gawaine. On the BBC at the moment, it's Poetry season, and last night I watched a wonderfully atmospheric programme about one of my favourites. Written 600 years ago and untitled, it came to be known as Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight. Simon Armitage, who has translated the poem from Middle English in a new version that follows the alliterative spirit of the original, took us with him on an exploration of the country through which Gawaine travels. Use of dialect words suggest that the author of 'Gawaine' lived in (or was familiar with) the area and dialect around the Peak District. Leek was mentioned. He followed the way that Gawaine could have taken using clues from the text and his knowledge of the area. We go from Camelot to Holywell in Wales and then to the Peaks.

You can read what Mess Armitage has to say on the how and the why of his translation, which is fairly poetic reading of itself, here: Guardian book review.

In this clip, you can hear Mess Armitage reading what he'd written during this journey in Gawaine's footsteps. It would make more sense if you'd seen the programme; seen him trudging up t'fells in the occluding veil of penetrating drizzle, thick as sea fog, and camping at night under wintry trees in a forest clearing, but it's still two-and-a-quarter minutes of highly descriptive language with some great imagery.

To keep up the time travelling feel, a bit of archaeology news. Oldest Pottery in China
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All things are possible! Pass it on. : )
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A healthy grown up busy, busy bee. (With apologies to Mess Askey!) Half a dozen industrious bees on the hebe in the back garden this afternoon. This was the only halfway decent photo I caught--they wouldn't keep still! lol I was happy to observe they all had similarly full pollen sacs on their legs. :D

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Now that we're all tricked out in nautical summer rig... : )

Assa, un mio dé la poésie pouor lé preunmyi dé juîn.

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Written for prompt #2: Yesterday at [community profile] fiction_drabbles 100 words each.
The original fic came to me yesterday morning but I fought the ones for Marcus and Nape all week, and they won.
*warning* for single use of the 'f' word in a non-sexual context in Napier's drabble.

original fic )

one for Napier. *warning* as above )

One for Marcus )
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Today, in the style of Crapaudmatic at Blogspot (see side module), I'm going to take you on a walk that I made yesterday around my nearest small town. Our starting point is Green Drive.

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21 May 2009 07:22 pm
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And welcome to [personal profile] zopyrus, and [personal profile] into_the_greenwood with whom I share a love of the written word. My delving into the word-hoarde is rather like a spin dryer in that it runs on short cycles interspersed with quilting, knitting and other crafty type things. The last couple of days I've opened Word files and 'had a blank' as I call it. I like what's there but can't see how to progress it and so I feel this writing cycle is becoming the start of a quilting one. This is one reason I doubt I'll ever fulfil the dream to have a book published; it'd take me forever to write first draft, edit and so forth. Mm, clearly more EFT required. : )

That I'm moving into a quilty cycle is good as I have a new commission, which is a grand way to say I agreed to make a wallhanging for a fellow marauderphile. I have some ideas in my head already while awaiting details of the brief. *mischievous grin*


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